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All-Chemie Ltd. is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of rare and ultra-high purity
chemicals, metals, alkoxides, and other metallo-organics

We perform custom synthesis and welcome inquiries

For information on the compounds available, click on the chemical you need.
Please note that certain chemicals may not be available.
Lithium (Li) CompoundsBeryllium (Be) Compounds Alkali metals Alkaline earth metals Lanthanoids Actinoids Transition metals Metalloids Post - transition metals Other nonmetals Halogens Boron (B) CompoundsCarbon (C) Compounds
Sodium (Na) CompoundsMagnesium (Mg) Compounds Aluminum (Al) CompoundsSilicon (Si) CompoundsPhosphorus (P) CompoundsSulfur (S) CompoundsChlorine (Cl) Compounds
Potassium (K) CompoundsCalcium (Ca) CompoundsScandium (Sc) CompoundsTitanium (Ti) CompoundsVanadium (V) CompoundsChromium (Cr) CompoundsManganese (Mn) CompoundsIron (Fe) CompoundsCobalt (Co) CompoundsNickel (Ni) CompoundsCopper (Cu) CompoundsZinc (Zn) CompoundsGallium (Ga) CompoundsGermanium (Ge) CompoundsArsenic (As) CompoundsSelenium (Se) CompoundsBromine (Br) Compounds
Rubidium (Rb) CompoundsStrontium (Sr) CompoundsYttrium (Y) CompoundsZirconium (Zr) CompoundsNiobium (Nb) CompoundsMolybdenum (Mo) CompoundsRuthenium (Ru) CompoundsRhodium (Rh) CompoundsPalladium (Pd) CompoundsSilver (Ag) CompoundsCadmium (Cd) CompoundsIndium (In) CompoundsTin (Sn) CompoundsAntimony (Sb) CompoundsTellurium (Te) CompoundsIodine (I) Compounds
Cesium (Cs) CompoundsBarium (Ba) CompoundsHafnium (Hf) CompoundsTantalum (Ta) CompoundsTungsten (W) CompoundsRhenium (Re) CompoundsOsmium (Os) CompoundsIridium (Ir) CompoundsPlatinum (Pt) CompoundsGold (Au) CompoundsMercury (Hg) CompoundsThallium (Tl) CompoundsLead (Pb) Compounds
All-Chemie specializes in many high purities for the crystal growth industry,
from high purity oxides to fluorides
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